Is corona-virus another blow to globalism?

Published by ReeeePost on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 (Last Modified: Sunday, May 17, 2020)

Did you ever hear about Leprosy? The Black Death? The Columbian Exchange? The Great Plague of London? Cholera? The Spanish Flu? or HIV/AIDS? Those are just a few of the pandemics that have shaped the modern world, and now we, the lucky inhabitants of 2020 can add COVID-19 to that list. Why? Because in the latter half of 2019 a man in China ate a bat, some say he ate a pangolin, and others argue that the virus was cooked up in a lab. Regardless of how patient zero came into existence, there is one thing that is clear to us all, we live in a fucking clown world.

Since the beginning of civilization, we have grown into each other, our tribal camps grew into villages, our villages into towns, our towns into cities and our cities to nations. Now in the past century, we have begun the next inevitable step, transforming our nations into continental, and even global political unions. Well, I'm starting to detect some problems with this merger, and today we are going to look at the one coofing in our faces. 

COVID-19. It has done a pretty good job of highlighting the gaping holes in the globalist world view, the global movement of people means the global movement of the shit living inside them. When a man can eat a bat in China and that results in me not being allowed to go to the pub in Australia, then there is a problem with how our nations are being managed.

So, where do we even begin to pull apart the failures of our governments? Let's start in the same place as our latest plague, China. Our elites willingness to flirt with the eternal Sino has been one of the more overlooked failures of the western world. As you read this large parts of the western worlds real estate has be been purchased by the Chinese, our Academic institutions have begun pandering to them for easy money via international students, our media institutions, both legacy and online, have completely and totally sold out to them and our governments, along with the global intergovernmental institutions they created have been paid off to shill the narrative of the Communist Party of China. 

This is the primary reason why a virus, inside a bat, flying around the smog saturated skies of China, was able to spread and infect millions of people, subsequently killing the weakest and most vulnerable of them. The people responsible for every single life lost are the globalists who set up and maintained the global networks that this killer virus traveled through. Our first instinct is to blame the Chinese directly, but it isn't the responsibility of the Chinese to make sure that some guy in Australia never gets corona-virus, the Chinese governments only responsibilities should be to the citizens of China, and since we can see they haven't even been able to take care of their citizens, then the failure ultimately rests upon our governments for failing to cut them off. We have known about his threat for decades. Here is a paper published in 2007 that specifically warns us of the threat posed by SARS transmitted via the consumption of bats by the Chinese. Our governments had this information and yet they still failed to do anything about it. So we should be asking "why?". This was after all the responsibility of our governments. The responsibility to maintain our well-being and our posterity, that is the duty they were created for, that is what we sacrifice large fractions of our income for, and that is the duty they have failed to carry out. 

We need to insist that our governments and corporations withdraw from interacting with counties that have no health or environmental standards. Places like China, India and Africa are breeding grounds for plague and pestilence and our nations might as well be sharing an intravenous drip with them, because as it stands when some Indian untouchable steps in the wrong shit on the street, or when some African witch doctor decides the wrong chimpanzee is looking kinda nice tonight, or when some Chinese boomer decides to stew the wrong exotic animal to fuel his boner then we feel the consequences, not the elites who are profiteering from business with these countries. Independence from China and the third world will not happen when the people making decisions in our nations are not motivated by nationalism but are instead motivated by profiting from a global market.

It is this rootlessness and greed which has caused the people at the top of our societies to seek the approval of the Chinese above the approval of their citizens, it is because of this influence that we have allowed China to firmly entrench their hand up the arses of their puppets over at the World Health Organisation, and it is our government's complete failure to take decisive action and instead to rely on these puppets of China to tell them when they should and should not avoid being coofed on. We knew this virus existed long before we closed the borders and enacted a quarantine, we had months of warning and yet we did nothing because the World Health Organisation said: "please proceed, nothing to see here, China didn't fuck anything up, nuh-uh, no way, keep the global economy going while Xi Jinping shoots pozzed loads into your arse". In a pathetic attempt to save the economy our nations swallowed this propaganda eagerly and continued the free movement of people and therefore the free movement of pestilence. Here is a hint for the worlds most powerful people, the ones making decisions for us all, if you wait until you detect a virus in your nation before you close the borders, it's too fucking late. 

Here in Australia, which let me remind you is a fucking island nation, has a majority of its infected traced back to a single cruise ship which we allowed to disembark despite knowing that dozens of the passengers were showing symptoms of COVID-19. This is a perfect example of incompetence, arrogance and complacency that governments all around the world are exhibiting. Here is a secret about globalism, if you can globalise everything else, why can't you globalise responsibility? Why should a government fear the consequences of its failure if it can just point the finger at another government? "Oh, the virus was on that ship? How dare China allow that virus onto that ship!" 

FUCK THAT. My government literally imported the virus via ship and now I'm asking "How dare our governments allow the virus to enter our nations?"

We have globalised responsibility and in doing so, removed it. 

Tedros Adhanom, Director-General of the World Health Organization

The absolute strength of diversity.

Get a good look at that face. That is the face that your governments have outsourced your safety too. That man is the reason your government kept your borders open far longer than they should have been. That is the face of Tedros Adhanom, he is the first Ethiopian Director-General of the World Health Organization and he is a friend of them yellow fellows your government has spent years eagerly pleasing at the expense of a future for you and your children.

So, perhaps it's time to ask ourselves. How did we end up taking orders from a random fucking Ethiopian? Even if this man is a marvel of the Ethiopian eugenics program and has managed attain a high enough IQ to become a successful and respected doctor, he still failed to handle this issue appropriately, maybe he climbed the ranks using the power of diversity hiring, or maybe he is just as retarded as the rest of his nation (average IQ of 63) and he is being used as a stooge, regardless of how you explain the influence of this man, he just knifed the planet in the back to further the pursuits of China. So why haven't we asked ourselves this simple question? Why the fuck are we listening to some random Ethiopian's opinion on how we govern ourselves? Why does a man born in Eritrea have any say whatsoever as to how we respond to a pandemic. 

The "experts" are either incompetent or corrupt and under the thumb of whoever has the most cash to throw around. We need to work on creating our own homegrown experts to advocate for our interests. We must be responsible for our well being, no more globalizing responsibility.

Our lack of nationalism has led to a complete deficit in self-sufficiency and removed our ability to take decisive action, not one of our decisions is made without first ensuring that it will not harm the economy, this is what caused the delayed reaction, our industries are so reliant on foreign labor and capital that we no longer have the ability to just shut the gates and deal with a crisis internally, we are now responsible for the profits of companies and governments that are not our own, that is why there was such heavy insistence on "business as usual" until it was far too late. Now we have the worst of both worlds, we are taking the economic impacts and the health impacts.

If we had the autonomy to just shut the borders without concern for the cries of the global elite we would have never had the virus, which means we would have only had to stop the economy for as long as it took us to ensure the virus had not entered our nations, now we get to stop the economy for as long as it takes this virus to go through all its processes. Here is another free tip for the elites, if you had closed the borders when we first learned of the threat we would currently be "business as usual" internally, but because you had to hold onto your profits you have globalized the consequences of eating a fucking bat and now we are all suffering for no reason at all. 

It is clear that the elites of our nations are no longer the elites of our nations, they too, like their industries, have become globalized, and so it is no surprise that they are willing to risk dragging all of our nations into a global crisis to protect their profits. These are the people who must be held accountable. Yes, China needs to be held accountable allowing this virus to be created, but it is our elites that allowed the virus to spread to our countries. In a sense COVID-19 really is "just a flu bro" and in this analogy our elite is the AIDS that has weakened our immune system (national borders and self-sufficiency) ultimately allowing the flu to kill us. It's time to expel these people and nationalize again, working together internationally is all well and good, but if I had to choose between making our own shit and harvesting our own crops or having an economic crisis every time some third worlder eats a fucking flying rat then I'm gonna opt to head down to the potato fields in my Australian made car every time.