Where do Incels come from?

Published by ReeeePost on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 (Last Modified: Sunday, May 17, 2020)

What is an Incel? Incel is the contraction of Involuntary Celibate. It is used to refer to a man who cannot have sex no matter what he does, and it is exactly these types of men that our society is starting to produce en-masse. So why aren't these men able to find sexual partners?

Sexual Liberation. 

Civilization was built on the concept of the traditional family, the important part of this traditional setup for our purposes, is monogamy. This is because men and women at any given time roughly make up half of the population each. In a monogamous society, this works brilliantly because one man will be matched with one woman and most people will have a partner out there somewhere. It is this knowledge that drives progress forward, it is the silent mover of civilization. The awareness that your partner is out there somewhere and is willing to become yours if you are willing to work for it. This is why men pursue careers, innovation, artistic achievement, and any other form of status conceivable, because on the other side of that status there is a woman waiting for you, all you have to do to attain this status is make yourself a valued member of society. 

Here is where the problem lies, in the modern world the traditional family structure has been broken down and promiscuity is held up as empowerment. As a result of these changes, we have begun to witness what happens when sexuality is unrestrained. Typically this results in eighty percent of women now pursuing males in the top twenty percent of the social hierarchy, which we will call "Alpha Males". This rule is the eighty-twenty rule, it is also known as the "Pareto Principle" and often occurs in nature. In the case of sexual liberation, it results in "Alpha males" who can have multiple sexual partners at a time and as a consequence, this leaves the majority of men without a monogamous partner.

Unfortunately for most men, they are by definition "average", attaining a place in the top twenty percent is often only attainable by men who have been born into a world where their economic, genetic, and social circumstances allow them to do so. Some men attempt to improve themselves and often see results, but more often than not, attaining status as an Alpha male is an unachievable goal without the aid of genetics and a favourable roll of the dice, not every man can be witty and charming, most men are not born with the genes to grow to six feet tall, most men are exactly what you would expect them to be. Average.

This is where the spiral into "Inceldom" begins. When faced with the reality that you cannot become an Alpha male through effort or discipline alone young men are naturally falling into a depression, they become isolated and fall into patterns of escapism like consuming videogames, anime, and television. This isolation and anti-social behaviour creates a self-fulfilling prophecy where it is believed that you can never find a woman and start a family, so you stop trying, and once you stop trying, it will never happen, as the years pass your life becomes a fruitless exercise in confirmation bias.

So, can we say for certain that the perception that millions of young men are having simultaneously is incorrect? I don't believe so. There is certainly something hiding under the surface here to be observed and that is what we must uncover before we can understand the rise of Incels. 

What we are seeing here is the combination of hypergamy and sexual liberation. Hypergamy is the theory that a woman will always attempt to improve her circumstances. The roots of hypergamy rest in evolutionary biology. The simple way to state it is that an egg is worth far more than a sperm, men have access to a near-unlimited amount of sperm on demand, they can leave some behind in any woman they fancy and go on with their lives as is the case with most animals on the planet, eggs, however, are rare, each woman is born with a limited number and they can only access a single egg per month, then once this egg is being used the remaining eggs are not inaccessible for the next 9-12 months while the previous egg grows into a baby and is eventually birthed, once the child is born you are stuck with the responsibility of raising the child for the next 20 years. So, it makes sense for a woman to pursue the strongest, smartest man with access to the most resources that she can. There are always going to be far more sperm than eggs. This makes women innately more valuable; a woman's value comes from what she is, a man’s value comes from what he can provide.

A perfectly natural set of behaviours and completely understandable in an ancient world, however, this can become very dangerous when unleashed in a modern civilization with an unregulated sexual marketplace. 

In a healthy sexual marketplace, a "10/10" woman will be pursued by and settle for a "10/10" man, a 6/6 woman will settle for a 6/6 man and so forth, if you can only choose one partner then you are going to pursue someone who is going to stay with you and help you raise a child, aim too high and your partner may leave you for someone on their level. In the current sexual marketplace, we have removed sexual consequences primarily for women. Women now have many forms of responsibility mitigation. Chief among these is the access to several forms of contraception, if it is too late for contraceptives they can abort the child, if they refuse to abort the child the man who impregnated them is ordered by the state to provide for her until the child is of age and if they cannot get the money out of the father of the child then the woman is provided for by the state which itself is primarily funded by taxing the income of working men.

Up to eighteen years of unearned comfort for getting ejaculated into by a dishonourable man. Add onto these incentives the decades-long campaign to remove slut-shaming from society and you have created a consequence-free zone for women, in recent years there has even been a push to turn sluts and single mothers into heroes for young women to look up too. Women can take as many risks as they want an there will be zero consequences. 

This removal of responsibility and the incentivization of irresponsible behaviour has women of all "rankings" in the sexual market place beginning to pursue men that rank very highly, the worst-case scenario is they become pregnant with the child of an alpha male and have the government pays for it, a pretty sweet deal compared to the vast majority of humanities history.

This behaviour is then reinforced by the willingness of most men to have sex with any woman who offers herself to him, regardless of whether she is in his league, if she is below him in status he will take the quick orgasm and ghost her and she will have another piece of evidence to delude herself into thinking she is a highly desirable woman and not just another quick sperm deposit. We have returned to a more primal set of sexual strategies without the corresponding downsides for women. In the past there was the risk of getting pregnant and having the male leave, that risk is gone and has been replaced with either child support or welfare. 

This new or rather, ancient paradigm may suit the Alpha males and the women, but what does that then leave the rest of society with? Incels. The men who cannot partake in the aforementioned paradigm. These men will quickly come to discover they have been lied too by the prevailing ideology of feminism. They have been told that women are these divine and special beings and you should dedicate your life to them, but at the same time, they don’t have to give you a second look. That they are innocent angels who are fountains of empathy and compassion, but in their animalistic state, they make awful decisions and hold you responsible for them, they will ridicule men for being short, poor, uncharismatic, or in any other way, unworthy of the divine female.

The rise of the Incel comes from exactly this combination of phenomena, the removal of responsibility from women and the subsequent increase in responsibilities for men, the lifetime of propaganda around women's true natures and the swift realization that it is all a lie, becoming crushed by the responsibilities of society without any hope for the rewards that their forefathers would have experienced. A debt-free virgin with no tattoos. The best most men can hope for is a woman who has had enough sexual partners that you cannot count them on one hand, a woman with student loans and credit card debt, a woman with her bad decisions often permanently dyed into her skin, a woman with no useful skills because instead of spending her twenties preparing for motherhood she instead partied trying to chase an alpha male who never had any intention of staying with her long term. It is this confluence of factors that makes men retreat from dating and stop trying, it is these circumstances from which the Incel phenomenon rises. 

The truth is most “Incels” are voluntarily celibate, they could if they were willing to lower their standards enough, get laid. Anyone is capable of hiring a prostitute, but it isn't purely sex that they want, they want a chance to reproduce, to have a family and a future to fight for, but due to the skewing of the sexual marketplace these men are no longer able to find suitable women. So, these men are handed a choice, settle for women with a lower status than themselves, or remain celibate. The outcome varies based on the individual man's dignity and desperation. 

The men at the bottom do attempt to first date women within their "league", however, after having their advances rejected time and time again, they often swallow their pride and attempt to date a woman who any serious person would recognize as below them in the social hierarchy, when those women reject them then these men begin to grow resentful. They grow resentful because they are still told that we are living in the old paradigm, that if you are a "good" man then eventually you will find a woman of your stature to be yours, unfortunately in the modern world, the women that these men are left with are either several rankings below them or are of their ranking but have sailed across a sea of cocks in their pursuits of the prized alpha male. The men who accept this pitiful consolation prize leave the ranks of the celibate to pay for this woman's lifestyle and raise the children she had to a previous man, the men who choose not to partake in this unjust trade become voluntarily celibate and those who are never even offered the choice become Incels. 

Any system that takes a man who may not be attractive, intelligent or rich, but he does have a steady low wage job, he isn't physically deformed, and he isn't mentally retarded, and yet expects this man to settle for an obese single mother or a woman who is more experienced with wieners than your average New York hotdog vendor then something is serious wrong. 

Can we blame these young men for growing resentful? Of course not, we live in a society that lies to them about their value and then pulls the rug out from under them. This is a natural reaction of someone who has been betrayed, to withdraw from the system that betrayed you and enjoy the comforts of the modern world rather than attempt to fight against what seems like an unchanging natural hierarchy in which you are at the very bottom. 

How can a man stay in a positive mindset when he can be making all the right moves and still be denied by a woman of equivalent status because he was born short, or with crooked teeth, or with a less than stellar intelligence? Meanwhile, he can see any woman, be she fat, stupid or annoying still receiving a torrent of male attention and the blessing of society for every bad choice she makes. How do you expect a man not to go mad in that world? 

Why would a thirty-year-old IT manager want to settle for a single mother who spent her twenties taking drugs and fucking "better" men, eventually getting pregnant and then attempting to latch onto some white-collar worker now that the wrinkles are setting in and her value is plummeting? She's finished with the "assholes", now she wants a "good guy", well the good guy was waiting all along and you ignored him. Why the fuck would any man want to accept you now? Any man with dignity would not, he would rather go his own way than become a meal ticket for a woman who made a decade of bad decisions. So instead she will latch onto the welfare system and leech his money that way.

Which brings me to the next group on men who exist parallel to Incels, the MGTOW. MGTOW is an acronym for Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW is a group of men who have become VolCels and withdrawn from interacting with women by their own volition because they recognize a bad deal when they see it.

However, MGTOW is not a solution either, you would think enough men withdrawing from interacting with women would solve the problem, unfortunately, this is not the ancient world, and women will not be left to fend for themselves. Men do not have the choice to go their own way, they will be forced via the government to pay for the well being of these women by way of taxes. There is no way to protest against this system of extreme female empowerment without becoming oppressed as male. You can avoid paying taxes by not making an income and you can avoid child support by not interacting with women, but then what life does that leave you with? You cannot make a living for yourself and you cannot hope to have a family. What is left for a man to live for? That he might make enough money in his twenties that a single mother of three kids to three dads might deign to reward him with her presence. What is the modern man meant to think of this? "Oh thank you queen of the roasties for this crumb of pussy." 

You might be tempted to suggest that the Incel finds a prostitute. Well, you would be telling the Incel to do the thing he has come to resent most. Handing his hard-earned cash and resources to a woman to reward her for accomplishing the great feat of...... being born with a vagina. The Incel does not want to reward a woman for taking her natural gift to create life and then instead of using these gifts to create a family she instead starts hiring out the forge of creation to any man desperate enough to pay for a turn poking a putrid soggy hole. Such a woman is unworthy of anything, not money, not attention, and certainly not love. 

There is no solution for this scenario except the restoration of the natural order, we cannot have women being given all the freedom of the ancient world and all the freedom of the modern world while lumping men with the responsibilities. We need to return to a society in which women are taught that their youth and fertility are worth something, but only to the right man. That throwing themselves at an Alpha male based on nothing but hypergamy will result in her being a single mother with no prospects. Women must wait and be future-facing, making good decisions to be as appealing as possible to her match when he does arrive in her life, but a woman who has shopped around and "tried" multiple men is no longer desirable. There is a price to pay for being promiscuous. A woman's inability to be chaste shows a lack of the self-control and good decision making that is required for good mothering, so the price for promiscuity is being looked past by men who have good intentions. No man wants to raise children with a whore, it is the responsibility of women to keep their legs closed until the right man comes along. But you probably guessed that women are not coming back to the negotiating table willingly, they hold all the cards and they are not going to willingly surrender them, I can't say how the balance will be restored but it will be restored. Nature always finds a way to return balance, as civilization degenerates women will be forced back into either monogamy or harems, either way, balance will be restored and women will reap the fruits of their actions. 

Ultimately, as you read this there is an ever-growing group of men who are coming to realize the true dynamic between the sexes, and the role that our civilization used to play in controlling that dynamic, harnessing its productive power to move civilization forward. More men than ever are simply writing off this entire generation of females and focusing on improving themselves, finding a reason for existence elsewhere and form meaningful bonds with each other. That is what I invite the Incel to do, perfect an art, learn a trade, exercise, read, enjoy nature, find like-minded men. Forget about women, work on yourself and together we will work on restoring balance to the world, because the balance will be restored as it always is, we just need to push it along by shaming whores and encouraging the men at the top to stop defiling the would-be wives of their fellow man. As the young women of the next generation will watch their aunties and older siblings grow old and childless alone they too will recognize the faults in our system of promiscuity. This new generation of women fearing this fate for themselves will be open to understanding the benefits of a traditional family, combined with the new and improved examples that the men in the generation before them provide this will give rise to a new sexual dynamic.