Here's why the Notre Dame burned

Published by ReeeePost on Thursday, April 30, 2020 (Last Modified: Sunday, May 17, 2020)

In April of 2019, the Notre Dame was in flames, and all around the world, we saw something that we have not seen for a long time now. European Solidarity.

As the spire was burning Europeans all across the planet felt spears in their hearts as their stomachs filled with lead. This was an odd thing to see in the 21st century after decades of the European peoples having their history and culture stripped from them, their countries sold and their futures stolen. It was perhaps a glimpse of hope for the future of the European peoples.

I say this because the only explanation for this worldwide heartache is that some level of European solidarity still exists. People of European descent from all over the planet were hurt by seeing this church burn down even when they were not French, or Christians and perhaps didn’t value religion at all. So how can you explain this heartache if the majority of the people who were hurt by this inferno were not French or Christian?

Because the Notre Dame might have been built as a monument to God, but it survived as a monument to our people. In its Gothic architecture is the spirit of our people, the great thick columns reminiscent of the ancient trunks in the European forests that at the top sprawl out into branches that support a high and beautiful canopy, sprinkled with flowers. The Notre Dame is stone, wood and glass shaped by the ancient nature of our people. That is the reason why we felt a stab in our hearts watching this monument to Europe burn. European Solidarity, it is the European world seeing the work of their ancestors being destroyed. We can see what is happening to France and we know it could just as easily have been us.

This is proof that a respect for our ancestor's struggle survives at least in a part of our people and the desire to preserve the work of our ancestors still resides within us, that there still exists in our minds the appreciation of what our ancestors accomplished, we can empathize with the work that was put into that church nearly a millennia ago. The thought of our ancestors using nothing but pure manpower to build such a magnificent monument to our people. That there were Europeans who spent their lives mastering the shaping of stone, wood and metal into functional and beautiful forms. These Europeans who spent their lives understanding their crafts as architects, masons, tailors, painters, sculptors, jewellers, glassworkers and the countless other fields of expertise that culminated in a piece of art like the Notre Dame. 

It is an awe-inspiring thought that our ancestors dedicated their lives to the mastery of a singular task and put it to use as a collective over generations to build something bigger than them all, something beautiful that would last for a thousand years to come. We feel the sadness in our hearts because it wasn’t wood and stone that was burnt and destroyed by this fire, it was the culmination of our ancestor’s lives. Gone forever. Due to at best negligence and at worse to an intentional attack on our people, history and ancestors.

The sight of this symbol of European excellence burning was so devastating because we were watching part of our ancestors be washed away, and in reflecting on this, we have realized that we will leave nothing in kind for our descendants. The despair people are feeling is because not only did the work of their ancestor’s burn, but it is drawing attention to the fact that once it is gone there will be nothing will take its place. Who in the 21st century is leaving monuments to the European peoples that our descendants can cherish in a thousand years? If we manage to leave any descendants at all.

We know that any efforts to rebuild it will be empty and hollow in comparison to what has been lost. Nothing that requires the effort and community that the original work took will take its place. The best we can hope for is some soulless replica made with machines and computers. Assembled without ever passing through the hearts and minds of a community or feeling the warmth of human hands. At worst it will be replaced by some modern bullshit that will symbolize the multicultural society France has become. Built by the new French in an attempt to show how French they really are.

This was a devastating thing to watch, but it also inspires hope of a European revival, Europeans across the planet felt the pain of loss watching this and so that feeling can be used to explain to them that if we do not do something about the politics of our nations soon, then they will feel it again and again, and if we allow our hearts to harden and get used to it, nothing of ours will remain in a thousand years and the only consolation that you will have is that we won’t have any descendants in existence to feel the pain of that loss.

Because our nations are being inherited by people who hate us, who revel in the destruction of our past and are only biding their time before they actively destroy it. They laughed as the Notre Dame burned, they relished in its destruction all while declaring what they want to see burn next. That is why I fear for Europe, this is why I fear for a place like London, at this moment it is only half European, let alone half English, and I wonder how soon until the world watches as The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey or the British Museum burns?

When people are replaced in own their nations their monuments are destroyed and their history is ravaged. Whether it’s through deliberate vandalism and destruction like Carthage or simply neglect like the Roman and Greek temples that were abandoned when the pagan populations were replaced by Christians and their populations began to decline.

We do not know if this was arson, we do not have any conclusive evidence. But we can guess with as much persistence as the establishment uses when it claims this was an accident before the flames had even died down. Regardless, whether or not the burning of Notre Dame was due to neglect or arson, both of these issues come from the same root. The apathy of our people towards the degradation of your societies. The societies that our ancestors built. The disintegration of their legacy. The spurning of their gift, to you. What happened, in this case, is irrelevant in the greater scheme of things because we know for a fact, that every day in France alone, there are on average two churches vandalized. I’m no Christian, but I don’t have to be to find these acts of aggression fueling a fire of rage in my heart. I don’t feel the rage because I’m a Christian, I feel the rage because I’m a European, and so do countless others, all they need is to be alerted to it.

They need to be told that if you grow old and die without any descendants, do not be surprised when the people who walk into your old abandoned house demolished it, along with every drop of sweat, blood and tears shed in that home by you and the ancestors who built it, they will be destroying everything you once held dear along with any remaining physical evidence of your existence. Your legacy destroyed, just so they expand a car park. Your civilization destroyed, just so that some metropolitan elites can get a few extra percentage points in their annual reports and a few extra upvotes on their dopamine drips. It takes a high trust community to build something like the Notre Dame, but it only takes one malicious outsider to reduce it to ashes.

This is the process that our entire civilization is undergoing and that is why we cannot allow the passions of the European people that were inflamed by this inferno to go to waste. Every time our history is destroyed then we must fight back and stoke the fire in us all, the fire that was passed down to us by our ancestors and that we must kindle and pass down to our descendants.

This is your legacy, and if you don’t fight for it, then it will disappear. Talk about this with the people around you, make them feel it, don’t let them rationalize it away or become numb to it.

We only need a few good people. These monuments that are the peak of European art were built in a time where there no more than a few million Europeans, and a few thousand of these in each of the communities where these wonders were built. There is still hope for us, the ashes of these ancestors are still smouldering within us and all we have to do is tend to them and kindle them back into an inferno that puts Notre Dame to shame. The Notre Dame burned because we stopped caring, and when our monuments are destroyed, our ancestors are destroyed, and when our ancestors are destroyed, we are destroyed.

Guard your ancestors legacy like it is your own, because one day it will be.