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Published by ReeeePost on Thursday, June 4, 2020 (Last Modified: Saturday, September 12, 2020)

Three years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia, various right-wing groups came together to hold the Unite the Right rally. The initial organizers of the rally stated their goals were to prevent the removal of the General Robert E Lee statue from Lee Park. This park has since been renamed to Market Street Park. This event would go on to become one of the most politicized events in American history, and for today’s article, it will serve to point out once and for all the complete double standard held by the American establishment. This event, when contrasted with events since, will prove once and for all, that your establishment hates you, and is working towards your destruction.

The primary source from which I have gathered this videos information is the Heaphy Report, an independent report by a US Law firm at the request of the city of Charlottesville.

The first thing we must understand about the Unite the Right rally was that the organizers underwent every single legal requirement to hold a legally permitted rally. Even going so far as to argue their case in court. The court found that they did get to preserve their First Amendment rights and hold the rally. So, the organisers cooperated heavily with the city of Charlottesville to prevent any violence. It is stated in the Heaphy Report (linked in the description and article), that the city attempted to contact the leaders of expected counter-protestors such as Black Lives Matter and Antifa, these attempts at contact were met with extreme hostility and BLM even had lawyers threaten the city into no longer requesting cooperation from them, a request the city granted. All attempts by the police to prevent violent counter-protests were scuttled by BLM and Antifa.

The organizers then coordinated with the police and local government to ensure the most peaceful and turbulence-free event possible. This would ultimately be the cause of all the chaos that took place in Charlottesville. Trusting the law enforcement to enforce the law.

On August 11th right-wingers from across the country travelled into Charlottesville, they took the paths agreed upon by the police, entering designated entryways to the designated protest area where they would hear their speakers. The counter-protestors (Antifa) took up all of the space around the legally designated areas for the right-wing protestors, including areas that were not designated as legal areas for counter-protestors such as blocking roads. As you can imagine, if the counter-protestors have encircled the designated demonstration area then the only way to reach the designated area is through the counter-protestors, well this is exactly what happened. As the protesters were funnelled through the Antifa they were attacked with bricks and bottles full of concrete, they had piss thrown on them and some of them even had acid thrown in their faces.

The police were ordered not to intervene, despite seeing violence unfolding in front of their very eyes, as confirmed by many police body cameras and the countless number of live streams and videos from the event. 

As the protestors marched towards Emancipation park in a column carrying shields, flags and pepper spray the counter-protestors rushed in front of them and blocked their entrance to the park, several police officers watched this situation unfolding, one of them, Captain Shiffet, said: “They’re trying to take over the street.” (referring to the counter-protestors), then Officer Hulme says “This is going to get ugly – they’re blocking their passage. This is going to get really ugly if they don’t get out of the way”. Which of course, it did. The protestors moved forward with their shields and pepper spray and pushed through the counter-protestors. Body camera footage of the police captured all of this, including the part where they stood and watched doing nothing. (p. 130, Heaphy Report).

Shortly after this, Chief Thomas (Charlottesville’s first black police chief) was quoted as saying “let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly” (p.133, Heaphy Report).  Which betrays the entire strategy by the establishment on this day, lure the protestors in, surround them with violent counter-protestors, stand the police down, then declare a state of emergency, conveniently violating the protestors first amendment rights, silencing them and then allowing the counter-protestors to come down on them in the chaos. 

It is during this state of emergency that the only death caused by the rally occurred, at 1:41 pm, James Fields in a Gray dodge charger was driving down 4th street when he ran into the back of two cars waiting at an intersection, the two cars were waiting at this intersection because an estimated 400-500 counter-protestors were blocking this intersection. (p.144, Heaphy Report)

Once he hit the other cars, driving them forward into the counter-protestors, he immediately put his car into reverse and backed away from the blocked intersection, presumably because he didn’t want to be Reginald Dennied. Once he got back to Market street he fled east, driving for 4 minutes, which is presumably how long it took him to be clear of counter-protestors and then pulled over and threw his key out of the window to show the police compliance.

It is from the impact at the intersection that Heather Heyer died, it is claimed that she died from the impact of the car, but no coroner’s report was made public, rumours circulated that she died of a heart attack due to obesity and the stress of the situation. This rumour was sparked from her own mother’s claim with interviewers that her daughter died of a heart attack and was revived, although not consciously before succumbing permanently. It should be noted that a heart attack can also be caused by an impact.

James Fields was found guilty of 30 hate crimes charges and first-degree murder. Sentencing him to over 400 years in prison. He pled guilty to the hate crimes charged to avoid a more severe charge that would have resulted in the death penalty. James Fields will die in prison for attempting to flee the violent crowds of rabid Antifa.

I am considering making some much more content in which I demonstrate visually and in much more depth the events of Charlottesville as reported in the Heaphy report. Showing a map of the city and animating the movement of people as well as where the key events took place. If you would be interested in that please comment and let me know, it will take a large amount of work so I want to be sure there is demand for it and you should check back occasionally so that you can see it if I make it.

But moving ahead, the American establishment did everything it could to suppress a pro-white message being spoken at Charlottesville, it was a literal conspiracy. Several levels of government, media and private organisation conspired, to prevent a prowhite event from going forward.

But it was not only the American establishment, the global establishment condemned and slandered the American right-wing after Charlottesville as violent lunatics attempting an insurrection.

Now, let’s now contrast the events of Charlottesville with recent events.

On May 25th, a black man by the name of George Floyd was arrested for allegedly passing a counterfeit $20 bill in Minneapolis. Upon his arrest he was restrained on the ground by white police officer Derek Chauvin with a knee on his neck for almost 9 minutes. During this time, he fell unconscious and possibly died, although he was not declared dead until 90 minutes later at the Hennepin County Medical Centre. An autopsy showed that he died of Cardiac Arrest, the establishment has decided that this is due to the restraint he was put under by Derek Chauvin, although among other drugs in his system, he also had three times the fatal dose of the drug Fentanyl in his blood. An opioid 50 times more potent than heroin. Cardiac arrest is how a Fentanyl overdose ends. It would also explain why he resisted arrest for something like counterfeit currency as Fentanyl can cause aggression.

Despite this incident still being investigated, organisations like BLM and Antifa ran with the story that George Floyd was a good boy and had been executed in the street. They used this narrative to incite violence and encourage looting, behaviours that many black Americans were happy to indulge in. Across all major US cities blacks and shit-libs began looting and rioting, the few people who peacefully protested were drowned out by the far more violent behaviour of the looters and Antifa agitators.

As of this moment several people have been killed in the rioting, many more have been assaulted and a group of BLM and Antifa supporters formed an autonomous zone in which they declared independence from the United States.

An example of the sanctioned violence on white people, just a few days ago Jessica Doty Whitaker and her fiancé were walking through a park, some blacks approached saying “Black lives matter” to which Jessica responded “All lives matter”, the blacks pulled guns in an attempt to terrorise them, when they realized her fiancé had a gun they backed off, but it didn’t end there, the blacks hid and waited until the couple passed again and then shot Jessica to death, shooting her corpse several times in the head.

The American establishment has responded to this by……. Oh wait, they didn’t. They didn’t do a fucking thing. Americans are being murdered and assaulted, their property is being destroyed and their historical monuments are being torn down and the United States government is not doing a goddamn thing. I really want you to contrast this with Charlottesville, a couple hundred right-wingers wanted to hold a protest in a park and the state conspired with BLM and Antifa in order to declare a state of emergency. Polo shirts and tiki torches = a threat to American democracy, but nation-wide riots, looting and vandalism is apologized for and treated with compassion.

BLM has left a child without a mother and the mainstream media is barely covering it, all of the same people who demonized the right for months after Heather Heyer was killed in a traffic accident, the same people who drummed up riots because a criminal died during an arrest are the same people who are ignoring the execution and desecration of a young mother explicitly in pursuit of BLM.

 Jessica Doty Whitaker Killed for saying "All Lives Matter"

Jessica Doty Whitaker Killed for saying "All Lives Matter"

I've been calling this the Charlottesville Double Standard. Whites do not get to organise politically, they do not have first amendment rights, they cannot peacefully assemble despite full cooperation and coordination with the state. They can be murdered consequence-free without an ounce of coverage from the media. Non-white Americans and antiwhite activist, on the other hand, can loot stores, riot in the street, vandalise American history AND FUCKING ANNEX part of a major city with zero repercussions. When a non-white criminal is killed you will hear about it for months as we did with George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and countless other false astroturfed martyrs. 

You now know which demographics the establishment supports even with a supposedly right-wing president in power.

But the rot has spread further than that, this is a global trend, many European nations are being looted and vandalised by non-whites “in solidarity with BLM” as we speak. The establishment without fail supports these subversive shit heads and cracks down on the nationalist natives who would resist it. 

Countless school-aged girls raped in the UK and the UK establishment does nothing, but a criminal black in the United States dies during an arrest and the establishment has to let everyone know how tragic this is, and if you dare say white lives matter you and your wife will lose your jobs and be forced to starveYOU are the privileged ones, after all, you can’t say your life matters but we assure you, you are privileged. Tyrone, Sadiq and Achmed can riot, loot, vandalise and rape your children with zero repercussions because they’re oppressed, they don't have any privilege at all. 

White privilege is the privilege of being held to unobtainable standards while the people flooding your country are held to non-existent standards. You will watch as they destroy your history, take your territory, attack your people, rape your children and face zero repercussions, but if you and three hundred mates decide to stand in a park and yell about it, the entire weight of the global establishment will come down on you to stop you and condemn you.

The CHAZ was tolerated for nearly a month, the Charlottesville protestors didn’t even make it to the legally designated protest area before a state of emergency was declared. The George Floyd riots are spreading a fucking pandemic, the same cannot be said for Charlottesville.

The actions by BLM and Antifa are in multiple ways far more objectively damaging in both property damage and human life, and yet they have been tolerated for months now. In Australia, we had all but eliminated the Coronavirus, but a shortly after protests in Melbourne the virus suddenly started spreading again, how unusual. The establishment has everyone on quarantine except protestors.

You are required to sit at home and allow your business to rot and your savings account to be drained, but people who are pretending to be mad about a dead criminal in order to loot and riot, destroy historical monuments and destabilize a nation are allowed to be outside.

It’s time to face reality, if you are a white man the establishment in which you live wants you destroyed. They will not extend to you the same freedom their new citizens are permitted. You will be held to the Charlottesville standard and they will be held to none. Their organisations will be promoted and funded, yours will be censored, outlawed and then destroyed.

You will not be permitted to gather, you are not permitted to organise along pro-European lines, and that should indicate to you exactly what they fear. An organised generation of European men. That is what we must do, we must form communities, first anonymously online, then in real life. That is the only path forward. We must pull together and have each other’s backs. That is why the government will not allow you to gather and demonstrate, that is why tech companies and academia will do everything it can to break up our communities, that is why the global media will condemn our efforts to organise. Because a unified generation of European men is the greatest threat that this anti-white system could be presented with.


The Heaphy Report Charlottesville Critical Incident Review 2017